Letter to Investigate 

Herb Conaway

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We are calling on all New Jerseyans to join us as we take a stance against the corrupt Assemblyman Herb Conaway, who has consistently advanced bills and legislature that benefit private interests over NJ residents. 

We have reason to believe that Conaway has used his position in the legislature to influence policies and laws that have a direct positive financial benefit to him, his close circle and his sponsoring industries.  Furthermore, Conaway has a notorious track record of manipulating and bullying other legislators to do his bidding.

Bill A4576 sponsored by Conaway seeks to mandate the flu shot annually to all NJ students, all ages, in all institutions.  This is a direct conflict of interest since Conaway is a doctor who runs a private practice.

We need to have checks and balances -We need 1,000 Signatures!!!  SIGN HERE.